Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That Jesus Type Hair (Hairvelations 6:9:12 (June 9th 2012)

"Hairvelation" 6:9:12 (June 9th 2012)
On June 9th 2012, I had a hair revelation…it simply HAD to go. I made the decision to go natural and remain natural. It’s been a month since my BC (BIG CHOP…as its called in natural hair world). Well! It wasn’t THAT big of a chop. I’ve done it before…many times. But have always had a pixie cut, but with permed strands.

However, lately  I’ve been struggling off and on to solve the mystery of my shedding, thinning hair. I was beyond fed up of its state. I’d perm, and it wouldn’t “take”. I’d do deep conditioning treatments and my hair would be brittle and dry. Worst of all, I’d wake in the morning to find diced up strands on my pillow case …clearly I was losing my hair, and my mind, along with not knowing what next to do. I couldn’t understand why. I let blame fall on my affliction with Anemia..its pretty severe and I've been on medication. Then, I was introduced to the possibility of “hard water” (Insert horror movie sound effect here). It was brought to my attention that when I shower and wet my hair, the type of water that flow through my faucets could be the cause of my failing hair life.Thanks to Naturally, I am now fully aware of the effects and the remedies.

After the "growing" frustration, I found an image on the internet that called out to me (A Life Balanced showed it to me and thought I'd look "haute")...I fell in love with it. Instantly I knew this is what I wanted. I welcomed this gorgeous facial feature enhancing wind-in-my scalp Ceasar cut…or is it a fade? Either way, I was bald…or close to it.

I now have the freeness from shedding and thinning hair, to the profile of a beautiful head, face and confidence and …the beginning of a wonderful “hairvelation”.

So it’s been a month since the BC.  Though I’ve worn my hair natural before…I wore my hair in locs for 2 years…I never truly delved into the dedicated routine to maintaining healthy natural hair, atleast  not on my own. I’m being honest when I say, I never truly paid attention to the regime and the products that compliment the mane. But now, thanks to my pal A Life Balanced, the infamous site of Afrobella, Kinky Curly CoilyMe, and many natural hair blogging and youtube outlets, my “hairvelation” journey is awesome so far. They help me understand the maintenance of healthy hair, and provide direction to some great products.

I'm still in the "learning" process, so I don’t know what type of hair I have. I’m not fully digging the 4B, 4C mathematics of it all. So I simply summed it up to this… I have that Jesus-type hair. It’s like wool. Soft, thick, with little to no curl formation. I definitely don’t have the “I got Indian in my family” type hair. Yes, it kinks when wet, but once its dried, there are no curls. I don't have defined, deep waves. I have to coax my hair into some sort of definition. And it’s ok. It makes me feel like I’m doing something natural hair girls are "supposed to do" *insert my finger air quotes here*

I’ve learned that its more than a “look at me I rock” movement, and that its more of a “embrace your natural you” movement.
My name is Onika and I had a “hairvelation”


Aye' Shanti said...

Onika, I just want to tell you that your hair looks amazing! I've cut my hair a few times in the past and I know I will take the journey again. You look fabulous!

Onika Pascal said...

Thanks hon!!! I've done the chop and locs but what I didn't have, was the knowledge of how to maintain. These natural hair sites help A LOT. I'm loving my hair a whole lot more ...and must say confident about that styling it is no longer a science.

Dee said...

Hey Onika,

Fellow single mom, writer and naturalist here--lady you look fabtulous! My short natural hair shot is on the front page of my site. That was 2009. I did it for a year and a half until I began to gain weight.

Since then I've moved back into locs (for the fourth time). I could probably write a book about natural hair care, but just haven't gotten around to it as yet.

As you said, the journey is so much more than about your hair.

This post was done 6/2012. I'd love to see what you're sporting now.