Friday, February 3, 2012

Giveaway #1 - A Life Balanced
When I look at the logo, instantly I feel calm, serene, and a warm glow. Balance! I feel balanced.

Life can be a collage of situations that drain us. Work, parenting, relationships,bills are just some of the main factors that affect us, and can even take a toll on our health. Just how balanced are we, really?

I'm a single mom. Though I have one son, who is old enough to feed himself, lately, wash his own clothes...I have a very hectic schedule. I work...and work overtime, I go to school fulltime and I have hobbies coming out my ears. And I tend to all of them. On a timely manner? No! But they're things that I juggle and at times it can all take a toll on me. How do I find balance? I sometimes designate one day where I do nothing. Nothing at all. I don't care what has to be done. I call it lazy days. Though I'd like to have them 7 days a week, I have to settle with just one. And on those days I think of nothing. I do nothing...not even cook. I know some of you have little ones who need tending too and lazy days are a myth or a fantasy, but you should invest in one day for yourself. If not a full day, try half a day. Believe me it's necessary, and worth it. I've been consulting with Alana if A Life Balanced for as long as I know. I've managed to change eating habits....I'm slowly getting there. I get my pampering products...which I'm telling you, you'd LOVE, and I'm learning how to put me first in the moat trying moments. Everyday isn't the same and not every week will give you the same outcome. So tell me, what do you do to find balance? A Life Balanced founder Alana V. Hinds is a single mom who shows us how to find balance through holistic approaches. Alana aims to provide you with the knowledge & support you need to achieve your nutrition goals.

Healthy eating isn't where it ends. A Life Balanced also has a line of body products that are made from scratch, the heart, and with the best ingredients. The newest line of body butters, Island Infusion, are inspired by the beauty of the Caribbean Islands.

A Life Balanced Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter
The Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter is made with Raw Black Cocoa Butter. This is when cocoa butter is in its rawest & most natural form. A Life Balanced reminds us that cocoa butter is rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants. The Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter is easily absorbed into the skin and hair leaving it moisturized, smooth and non- greasy. And this is what some very satisfied customers have to say, "It smells like chocolate cake!" Alana ensures that you can request unscented by adding it in the note section of your order 

A Life Balanced Island Infusion Hibiscus Body Butter

The Hibiscus flower is my FAVORITE flower of all time (next to the Cherry Blossom), and I am going to tell you now, that the Island Infusion Hibiscus Body butter has a REMARKABLE scent. Alana explains to us that the Hibiscus Flower of the Caribbean is also known as Sorrel.  Not only can it be used internally, but externally as well. The Island Infusion Hibiscus Body Butter is a perfectly balanced infusion of the hibiscus flowers. It is scented with a light floral scent that reminds you of a warm sunny day in the Caribbean sipping on a tall glass of "Sorrel"...who doesn't want to feel like that every day?

Can you smell the Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter?  
How about the Island Infusion Hibiscus Body Butter? 

Visit A Life Balanced's shop to see all of the other items that make up the line of body products. I can assure you, from a first hand experience, and seeing her make these wonderful butters, that Alana takes her time with crafting all of her products. This way you have the pleasure of taking your time to pamper your skin.

Here's the giveaway:

Leave a comment on my blog page and tell me how you find balance  in your daily routine, and how you plan to create a more healthy lifestyle. Winner will be selected on Friday February 10th

One selected winner will receive: an 4oz Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter with a 2 oz Island Infusion Hibiscus Body Butter

Another selected winner will receive: an 4oz Island Infusion Hibiscus Body Butter with a 2oz Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter.


Atasha said...

Not sure if this qualifies me but I really don't find balance in my daily routine. I'm under a lot of stress, with my business and a few other things. I also suffer from insomnia which I notice has been getting worse. This has made me sick. Honestly I have no idea how to fix this or even improve.

Michelle said...

My time is 10 pm at night,I tell the kids do not bother me unless they got breathing problems or they bleeding profusely ,and the got the option of calling 911 first.I take that time to read a book,catch up on mail,reclaim my remote from a two year old ,you know that means no more nick jr for a couple of hours or just sit and scratch(do nothing) because I deserve it after catering to everyone all day.

Anonymous said...

Balance is all about just that...BALANCE. Nothing gets too much attention in my gets equal attention. Rules for stress free living accrding to moi are as follows : (1) Late to bed Early to rise - get a jump start on the day while everyone is still sleeping in the am and at night when they've all gone to bed..not overdoing it, you need your zzzs too.(2) Order - a place for everything and everything in its place - you will find there is less mess to clean if there is less mess to begin with. Encourage "putting things back" a rule. (3) Fun....I make my chores fun...I don't cook or clean without pumping the music...times flies faster and it seems much less like a chore when you're grooving to some John Legend! (4) Willpower - I know our lives are demanding, but I try not to let the mountain of tasks I have to do own me...I own it! attack with full force with the goal in sight--getiing it done --and soon it will be. (5) Date night - make time for your original baby - not the one you birthed, but the one you chose.....when those kids drop you like it hot for college and marriage --he'll still be there ~ on the couch!school orgaization is assisted by the HUGE wall calendar where I write every important date down..I have 5 kids so I circle and note in diff colors for each is a lifesaver!! Homework is done in a group but studying is done individually...each day at least 1/2 hr revision per kid...tiring for me, but its easier when midterms come around if they're on top of things..the GOLDEN RULE .....BEDTIME for kiddies by 8. That way ..mama and papa can have some grown up time , time to relax and unwind and ! :) That is the one rule I dont married life depends on it :) besides, growing kids need their rest !!