Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hair Shrinkage ... The greater of two evils!

Dark and Lovely - Au Naturale
Disclaimer: This post and my review are My thoughts and MY thoughts only.  It is in no way aimed to dissuade anyone from trying the products.

So! I saw the commercial on TV this past Sunday and was geeked by the "anti-shrinkage" slogan. A trait of my natural hair that leaves me helpless at minute the hair is there, the next its gone (just a fluff of TWA). I did the big chop June 9, 2012, and though I don't expect to have shoulder length hair, I, however, have noticed that due to shrinkage, my hair seems like it has not grown an inch.

Lets evaluate! I have 4c type hair (with a handful of 4a way to the back of my head). Its perfectly manageable when wet, but totally unmanageable when dried. The other evil I battle with.  Its not a deflecting factor to being natural, its simply a learning process. Learning how to manage my hair better, for healthier purposes.  So in seeing the commercial, I was excited to try a product, any product that will keep my hair from shrinking, all the while keeping it manageable.

Now soft, I'm not looking for...I know my hair texture and soft just isn't its nature. I love it nonetheless. However, I simply want an effect, that after drying, I can let stand alone, until my next primping session....face it, we all play in our hair as though we're our on doll! Am I wrong?

I raced to the beauty supply store in my area that actually carries natural hair care products (a diamond in a rough). I purchased $40 worth of products (the Hydrating Soak Shampoo, the Knot-Out Conditioner, the Curl Defining Crème Glaze and the Coil Moisturizing Souffle)...again, simply because I was sold by the "anti-shrinkage" slogan. I got home, and couldn't wait to let my mane soak in this goodness. I tried the shampoo, as I've read from a few natural hair gurus that you should at least shampoo once a month to rid product build up, and it was time. I then used the conditioner.

First to begin, the scent of the product is very citric. I'm usually not one for the fruit scents, but must say the odor is quite inviting (tempting even...please do not taste). The end result from the Hydrating Soak shampoo and the Knot-Out conditioner were fabulous. Underwater the feel of my hair was soft, and kinky....until it dried completely. Which I anticipated...I know my hair. However, with the purpose of the product I had some hint of hope that it would stay in its "wet" form once dried.

Alas, I was disappointed.

I know, the product isn't supposed to perform any altering magic to my hair, but I have to admit, I hoped that it did *I think I closed my eyes and clicked my heels 3 times*

Note: I intend on keeping the Hydrating Soak shampoo and Knot-Out conditioner.

After shampooing and conditioning, I moved on to the Coil Moisturizing Souffle, intended to "instantly define and soften tight curls and coils" .... its the morning after and I'm still waiting. There honestly was no definition to the kinks and coils of my hair. It remained a puff...again... a puff I've grown to love (grown, simply because I am a returning natural and learning as I go)

I allowed the product to sit in my damp hair for a while, and gave in. I re-wet my hair and proceeded to apply the Curl Defining Crème Glaze...intended to "morph curls into healthy-looking, frizz-free silky ringlets." NOW. I know from the moment I saw the word was impossible that this product was for me. My hair type is incapable of forming ringlets without any added finger/comb/brush/hairstylist effort. May hair type is something short of a brillo-pad, so I bumped my head in assuming this magic could have happened.

I slept with the product in my hair over night, with my silk bonnet for protection.

As I groomed for the work day, I found that my hair was completely dry to the touch. With no sheen. I wasn't pleased with the end result, though I hoped for something better. I tried. I hoped. And I'm glad I have the option of returning the unused product, if not satisfied. I actually am.

If anyone of you try this product (with the 4C potential brillo-pad/sponge type hair) but have a totally different end result, please feel free to share...and possible tell me where I went I'm hoping that I did not use the product all help will be welcomed.

Now, I wait for my As I Am revel in the greatness of the product, as per its reviews (by MANY).

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That Jesus Type Hair (Hairvelations 6:9:12 (June 9th 2012)

"Hairvelation" 6:9:12 (June 9th 2012)
On June 9th 2012, I had a hair revelation…it simply HAD to go. I made the decision to go natural and remain natural. It’s been a month since my BC (BIG CHOP…as its called in natural hair world). Well! It wasn’t THAT big of a chop. I’ve done it before…many times. But have always had a pixie cut, but with permed strands.

However, lately  I’ve been struggling off and on to solve the mystery of my shedding, thinning hair. I was beyond fed up of its state. I’d perm, and it wouldn’t “take”. I’d do deep conditioning treatments and my hair would be brittle and dry. Worst of all, I’d wake in the morning to find diced up strands on my pillow case …clearly I was losing my hair, and my mind, along with not knowing what next to do. I couldn’t understand why. I let blame fall on my affliction with Anemia..its pretty severe and I've been on medication. Then, I was introduced to the possibility of “hard water” (Insert horror movie sound effect here). It was brought to my attention that when I shower and wet my hair, the type of water that flow through my faucets could be the cause of my failing hair life.Thanks to Naturally, I am now fully aware of the effects and the remedies.

After the "growing" frustration, I found an image on the internet that called out to me (A Life Balanced showed it to me and thought I'd look "haute")...I fell in love with it. Instantly I knew this is what I wanted. I welcomed this gorgeous facial feature enhancing wind-in-my scalp Ceasar cut…or is it a fade? Either way, I was bald…or close to it.

I now have the freeness from shedding and thinning hair, to the profile of a beautiful head, face and confidence and …the beginning of a wonderful “hairvelation”.

So it’s been a month since the BC.  Though I’ve worn my hair natural before…I wore my hair in locs for 2 years…I never truly delved into the dedicated routine to maintaining healthy natural hair, atleast  not on my own. I’m being honest when I say, I never truly paid attention to the regime and the products that compliment the mane. But now, thanks to my pal A Life Balanced, the infamous site of Afrobella, Kinky Curly CoilyMe, and many natural hair blogging and youtube outlets, my “hairvelation” journey is awesome so far. They help me understand the maintenance of healthy hair, and provide direction to some great products.

I'm still in the "learning" process, so I don’t know what type of hair I have. I’m not fully digging the 4B, 4C mathematics of it all. So I simply summed it up to this… I have that Jesus-type hair. It’s like wool. Soft, thick, with little to no curl formation. I definitely don’t have the “I got Indian in my family” type hair. Yes, it kinks when wet, but once its dried, there are no curls. I don't have defined, deep waves. I have to coax my hair into some sort of definition. And it’s ok. It makes me feel like I’m doing something natural hair girls are "supposed to do" *insert my finger air quotes here*

I’ve learned that its more than a “look at me I rock” movement, and that its more of a “embrace your natural you” movement.
My name is Onika and I had a “hairvelation”

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Machel Montano Launches New Line of Rum - 3Zero Platinum Rum

I woke this morning to a post by one of my FB friends. She posted a link from Jeunanne's blog page and I jumped up out of my bed. Jeunanne's blog hosted a video that showcased Machel Montano launching his new line of 3Zero Plantinum Rum ... RUM its ingenious. Its synonymous with Carnival....feters, music, RUM...need I say more?

Everything SLIGHT Pepper is the brain behind the branding, packaging & full works. Taken from their FB page, Everything SLIGHT Pepper is a specialist Caribbean studio focused on distinctive design for creative projects....and creative this is indeed.

See, Machel is not just a soca star from Trinidad... he is 30 year iconic monster of the soca music world, and an incredible business savvy entertainer. Who is he? Why Machel Montano of course. OK! I may have hyped up the intro a bit much, but sorry its how I feel and its well deserved. I have a 30 year vested love for him, and no other can compare.

Each year I am amped to hear what he releases for Trinidad's carnival season, and each year I find myself spinning out of control with hype. Its in my blood, I am Trini by default...I can't help it.

But musically he has taken soca to another level, and I LOVE him for it. He adds to my patriotic pride.

So in a 30 year long run in the soca business, Machel Montano has managed to do some amazing things. He has toured with his band to many countries and garnered an awesome following. He has toured and performed with American Artists, he was nominated along with other Caribbean artists for the 2011 Soul Train Awards (RIP Don Cornelius), and he has taken Madison Square Garden and made it LIVE. There's no stopping him. And clearly not.

Here you have it, a video of the official launch of 3Zero Platinum Rum ...I have my glass chilled and ready for a sip...what you drinkin' for Carnival 2K12????

Congrats Mr. continue to make moves. From one Trini to another, I am proud of you!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Giveaway #1 - A Life Balanced
When I look at the logo, instantly I feel calm, serene, and a warm glow. Balance! I feel balanced.

Life can be a collage of situations that drain us. Work, parenting, relationships,bills are just some of the main factors that affect us, and can even take a toll on our health. Just how balanced are we, really?

I'm a single mom. Though I have one son, who is old enough to feed himself, lately, wash his own clothes...I have a very hectic schedule. I work...and work overtime, I go to school fulltime and I have hobbies coming out my ears. And I tend to all of them. On a timely manner? No! But they're things that I juggle and at times it can all take a toll on me. How do I find balance? I sometimes designate one day where I do nothing. Nothing at all. I don't care what has to be done. I call it lazy days. Though I'd like to have them 7 days a week, I have to settle with just one. And on those days I think of nothing. I do nothing...not even cook. I know some of you have little ones who need tending too and lazy days are a myth or a fantasy, but you should invest in one day for yourself. If not a full day, try half a day. Believe me it's necessary, and worth it. I've been consulting with Alana if A Life Balanced for as long as I know. I've managed to change eating habits....I'm slowly getting there. I get my pampering products...which I'm telling you, you'd LOVE, and I'm learning how to put me first in the moat trying moments. Everyday isn't the same and not every week will give you the same outcome. So tell me, what do you do to find balance? A Life Balanced founder Alana V. Hinds is a single mom who shows us how to find balance through holistic approaches. Alana aims to provide you with the knowledge & support you need to achieve your nutrition goals.

Healthy eating isn't where it ends. A Life Balanced also has a line of body products that are made from scratch, the heart, and with the best ingredients. The newest line of body butters, Island Infusion, are inspired by the beauty of the Caribbean Islands.

A Life Balanced Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter
The Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter is made with Raw Black Cocoa Butter. This is when cocoa butter is in its rawest & most natural form. A Life Balanced reminds us that cocoa butter is rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants. The Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter is easily absorbed into the skin and hair leaving it moisturized, smooth and non- greasy. And this is what some very satisfied customers have to say, "It smells like chocolate cake!" Alana ensures that you can request unscented by adding it in the note section of your order 

A Life Balanced Island Infusion Hibiscus Body Butter

The Hibiscus flower is my FAVORITE flower of all time (next to the Cherry Blossom), and I am going to tell you now, that the Island Infusion Hibiscus Body butter has a REMARKABLE scent. Alana explains to us that the Hibiscus Flower of the Caribbean is also known as Sorrel.  Not only can it be used internally, but externally as well. The Island Infusion Hibiscus Body Butter is a perfectly balanced infusion of the hibiscus flowers. It is scented with a light floral scent that reminds you of a warm sunny day in the Caribbean sipping on a tall glass of "Sorrel"...who doesn't want to feel like that every day?

Can you smell the Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter?  
How about the Island Infusion Hibiscus Body Butter? 

Visit A Life Balanced's shop to see all of the other items that make up the line of body products. I can assure you, from a first hand experience, and seeing her make these wonderful butters, that Alana takes her time with crafting all of her products. This way you have the pleasure of taking your time to pamper your skin.

Here's the giveaway:

Leave a comment on my blog page and tell me how you find balance  in your daily routine, and how you plan to create a more healthy lifestyle. Winner will be selected on Friday February 10th

One selected winner will receive: an 4oz Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter with a 2 oz Island Infusion Hibiscus Body Butter

Another selected winner will receive: an 4oz Island Infusion Hibiscus Body Butter with a 2oz Bittersweet Premium Cocoa Butter.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kodak files for bankruptcy

If you've ever taken a picture in your lifetime, held a camera or bought roles of film and had them developed...telling my age know the name Kodak.

According to USA Today and just about all of the world's business reports, Kodak has filed Chapter 11 ...who's taking a pic of that?

It's sad to hear they have to fold....they're an icon in the photogrophy world, and the inovator of the digital how could this be?

With Kodak going belly up, who do you think will take the spotlight? Do you think that Kodak can remain on top of their game, even in bankruptcy stages?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All work and no play can get you fired!!

How absurd is this?  ABC News reported a story of a woman being fired for skipping lunch and denied unemployment benefits.  She took her case to court and won her case.

Good for her!!!

I know quite a few of us are guilty for doing this. We get so bogged down with work that "has to get done", we end up sitting through out lunch hour to do it.  I know I'm VERY guilty of doing that at least 4 times a week. Matter of fact, I did it just yesterday. I can't imagine my boss firing me for doing HIS/HER work during MY lunch hour. I mean, if its a problem of paying me over time, then understand that I need MY time. Anything 'urgent' will have to simmer until I return from Macy's.

Kudo's to her for fighting her battle and winning, what was deemed a lost cause. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Now she can have a peaceful lunch.

How many of you actually sit through your lunch hour doing your boss' work? Do you do it for 'employee of the month' recognition, or do you do it because you're NOT hungry?...come on now tell the truth!!!

Sanaa Lathan...the New face of Pantene

My eye caught an article on  the Huffington Post earlier and just had to share it with you.

According to the article Sanaa Lathan is the new face (or head of hair rather) endorsed to promote Pantene Pro-V's Nature Fusion Collection...

...I don't know about you, but I LOVE me some Pantene. When Pantene introduced their Relaxed and Natural line of hair care products, I just KNEW I was gonna have a head full of long bouncy flowing hair. If I'd stop cutting my hair...I just might.

A bouncy coif or not, Pantene is a staple in my shower...and Sanaa just encouraged me to buy and try the Nature Fusion.

Would you be trying it?

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